Every day new technology is introduced, and products and services that were state-of-the-art only a short time ago are replaced with new, more robust options.

One of these very significant technological shifts is occurring right now. It’s called the 3G Sunset, and will very likely impact whether or not your security system is fully operational.

Watch this short video for a brief explanation of how the 3G Sunset may impact your security and steps to take to ensure you are protected ahead of the 3G to LTE transition.

What is the 3G Sunset?

In short, the 3G Sunset means that cellular providers are in the process of upgrading their networks from 3G to LTE (Long-Term Evolution) communications. As they do this, they are turning off (“sunsetting”) network communications via 3G.

This transition is happening now, although information from the carriers about actual transition dates for specific areas has not been very specific. That means your security could be adversely affected – at any time – without warning.

How Will the 3G Sunset Affect My Security System?

Older devices that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT), like smartphones and even security systems, run on this 3G network. When companies cut this service off, these devices may no longer function properly.

In short, once 3G services are discontinued, your security system may no longer communicate with the monitoring center in an emergency.

How Will Upgrading to LTE Improve My Security?

First and foremost the upgrade will ensure your security system is properly working, no matter when the transition from 3G to LTE occurs in your area.

LTE is also a huge technological leap forward. Security systems operating on the LTE network will be able to communicate much faster and more reliably than they were previously, greatly improving and enhancing your security.

What Should I Do Right Now?

When it comes to your security, we are all about being proactive and ensuring you are always fully protected. That’s why we always make sure our clients are up-to-date on the latest advances in security technology and how to take best advantage of them.

We make upgrading your system to LTE as easy as possible. Simply complete the form below and we will contact you right away to determine if your system is impacted by the 3G Sunset. If it is, we’ll get your security system updated quickly and easily to make sure you stay protected.

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